Altuntaş Machinery, which started its activities in 1993, today manufactures machinery in the field of Food Technologies in a closed area of ​​​​14.000 square meters. It has always determined its targets based on customer needs and satisfaction at the center of the machines and services it produces.
Altuntaş Machinery carries out its productions in accordance with these standards, without harming human and environmental health, with the CE certificate, which is the European Standards Conformity Certificate, as well as the TSE - ISO 9001 certificate. Our company, which allocates 10% of its annual income to R&D and P&D, raises its quality and service standards above the targets every year.
It has taken its place in the sector thanks to a young and dynamic staff and a perfectionist business approach combined with a high vision. In this way, Altuntaş Machinery has managed to become one of the companies that sell the most products in its field, both domestically and abroad. While producing by considering the sector, customers and needs at every stage of machine production, it delivers all machines that come to the delivery stage after a detailed quality control process.
Altuntaş Machinery expert after-sales teams and service support are also a product of its perfectionist business approach.
Our company, which thinks that quality is never a coincidence, but an understanding, aims the perfect solution with high quality control and test applications at every stage of design and production.
Respecting the environment and people, following the developing technology every day, not making concessions on quality production is the unchanging business principle of Altuntaş Makina.

Our Mission
Altuntaş Machinery; By using advanced technology in the most efficient way with its possibilities and competencies, it has undertaken unlimited customer satisfaction as the first company that comes to mind in the global sense in the production of Food Technologies machinery, together with R&D and P&D.
Our Vision
Altuntaş Machinery aims to transform opportunities into success for our business partners, employees and our country by creating a corporate culture based on Creative and Originality, efficiency and participation. Our company aims to gain an increasing number of happy customers with product and service solutions above expectations and to make our customers feel brand assurance. In addition, Altuntaş Machinery is to provide a sustainable customer network with balanced and continuous growth by promoting the continuity of quality productions wherever needed and needed in the machinery manufacturing sector.

Our quality policy
In order to be a leading, respected and reliable company in the machinery sector with balanced and continuous growth; To gain increasing customer satisfaction by offering products and services above expectations.

To adopt and implement innovative, effective, dynamic and participatory management principles. As a follower and pioneer of quality, service and technological developments, it is to increase the value it adds to the society, employees and business partners by producing unique solutions for its customers. To fulfill the requirements of the quality management system, to continuously improve its effectiveness and to ensure its development. It is our most important duty to fulfill its responsibilities towards society and the environment and to protect the respectable image of Altuntaş Machinery

It has “Trust” in its capital
Our company, which is on the way to become a leading Turkish Machinery company in the field of Food Technologies manufacturing with its nearly thirty years of experience, has proven itself in the Turkish market with this experience. Our machines, produced under the name and brand of Altuntaş Makina, have proven to be a qualitative brand with their exports to Turkey and 65+ countries. Altuntaş Makina has established close relations with its customers as it is one of the most distinguished machine manufacturing companies in Turkey. “He has trust in his capital.” We provide the latest technologies, the best technical service network and trust for our customers on this path we set out with our motto.
In short, as Altuntaş Makina, in our capital;

And we have you, our valuable “stakeholders”.

The famous German industrialist Robert Bosch; 'I would rather lose money than lose people's trust'. Altuntaş Makina has made its priority depend on the trust of its customers in its 29 years of industry life. It should not be forgotten that trust is not just a theoretical concept, it is an important part of your company capital!